Photo Tour Programme – Whispers of Silence – Camel Trekking in M’hamid


Photo Tour: Whispers of Silence (Camel Trekking)
Length: 7 days


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Programme – Whispers of Silence – Camel Trekking in M’hamid

Day 1 – Ouarzazate to Erg Lihoudi

We will meet at your hotel in Ouarzazate, and after an introduction, begin our photographic adventure into the Sahara desert. We will leave Ouarzazate, driving through dry mountainous landscapes until we reach the first town in the Draa valley called Agdez. We continue through the Draa valley along the life-spending Draa river with its huge date palm oases. The Draa valley once served as a link between the Sahara and the North of Morocco for the trading caravan routes that passed by the river for centuries. We will take some off-roads to be in the heart of these little Arab Berber villages, all build in clay architecture, which is a traditional way of building a house using local materials. This part of Morocco is still much preserved in term of traditional customs and way of life. After Zagora the landscapes become more and more deserted and arid. After the small village of Tagounite we will drive off-road to reach the windswept dunes of Erg Lihoudi. There will be enough time to explore the dunes with its very special sand patterns that offer unique photo opportunities.

Accommodation in a bivouac in Erg Lihoudi.

Photographic highlights: Small Berber villages, Draa valley and Draa river, oases, stunted acacia trees, and the sand dunes of Erg Lihoudi.

Day 2 till day 6 – Desert Trekking with Dromedaries

We will walk (or ride) in a slow peaceful pace each day and enjoy a unique journey by dromedaries. You will explore the magnificent life of the Sahara desert with all your senses, with your heart, and your camera. The desert is a wonderful place to clear ones mind of daily thoughts and worries. It is a place where time and space become a new meaning. In these barren desert landscapes the perception changes. Free from the visual over stimulation of the western world, we connect again with the simple and quiet nature. In this deep silence, where only the gentle whispering of the wind can be heart, your visual awareness will be enhanced and improved. You will learn again, to not only look – but to see! The result will be stunning, narrative images, that tell a story – your story!

We will travel with experienced guides and dromedaries for riding and to carry the luggage.

Accommodations are in a tent, bivouac or with nomads.

Photographic highlights: Sand dunes, stony desert landscapes (Hammada), oases, desert trees and plants, animals, nomadic life.

Day 7 – Chagaga Dunes to Ouarzazate

After breakfast, a 4×4 car will be waiting to bring us back to Ouarzazate. The track covers 90km of desert with varying scenery like sand dunes, stony desert, and the dry lake Iriqui, until we reach the first village Foum Zguid. From here we drive back to Ouarzazate along tarmac roads.

Accommodation in a hotel in Ouarzazate.

Photographic highlights: sand dunes, stony desert landscapes, the dry lake Iriqui.


This photo tour can start at any place in Morocco as per your convenience and can be adjusted in length and places as per your preference.