Testimonials – What people say about our photo tours and photography workshops in Morocco. 


There are not enough words to say how incredibly wonderful this photography tour was. Each day felt like a dream and made me count my lucky stars that I had found Rosa and this tour. When I originally decided to go to Morocco, I wanted to do a tour that would allow me to take photographs in the beautiful light of early morning and late afternoon – not a tourist tour that would herd a bus full of us to crowded locations in the middle of the day when the light was the worst. I signed up for a very popular photo tour but it was full and I was put on the wait list and so I went looking for other options. That’s when I found Rosa and her tour. Here are just a few of the things that made this tour so fantastic: 1) You travel the country in a comfortable four wheel drive and Rosa limits the number of people in each car so that everyone has space and is comfortable. 2) Rosa has lived in Morocco and has been doing these tours for years so the itinerary is honed to take best advantage of all the wonderful things to see in Morocco. 3) She makes sure that there is enough time at the various sand dunes of the Sahara so that if the weather doesn’t cooperate one day, there will still be plenty of opportunity to shoot photos in beautiful lighting at one of the most magical places on earth. 4) Because she has been doing these tours for years, she knows lots of people along the way. There were instances such as when I asked some men if I could photograph them and they – being tired of tourists sticking cameras in their faces all day – said only if I paid them an exorbitant price. But then they saw Rosa, lit up with friendly smiles and greetings, and told me that if I was with Rosa of course I could photograph them at no charge. 5) Although she has lived in the country for years, Rosa is Swiss and so understands the cultural differences between western countries and Morocco in a way that was incredibly helpful to me. She rarely left my side when we were at the souks or markets and helped me out with countless negotiations. 6) Because she is willing to do extremely small tours, there is a great deal of flexibility should you want to stop, for example, to take photos of wandering camels, goats or whatever, or if you want to stay longer or shorter at any particular location. 7) She never lost her professionalism and continued to put me first, always arriving at our meeting spots early and putting my desires and goals as her top priority. Towards the end of my tour, I looked up the itinerary of the other photo tour for which I had signed up and been wait-listed to compare it with what we’d done. I was shocked! What had been billed as a photography tour by this other popular photo tour company was nothing more than a standard tourist tour through Morocco which would afford few chances to photograph in beautiful light. Instead of being in a comfortable 4×4, I would have been on a bus with many others and would’ve had to compete with a whole bunch of other photographers when we arrived at small villages and markets. Plus the bigger tour would have COST MORE MONEY!! I truly lucked out in finding Rosa’s tour and could not be more grateful. And I didn’t even mention that thanks to this tour, I now know all the settings of my two cameras plus I have some jaw-droppingly beautiful photographs!  

Helen Avalon, Orlando, FL, USA

I was fortunate enough to spend a great week with Rosa in Morocco and enjoyed every moment of it! Rosa is a wonderful, inspiring person and I learned a tremendous amount this week about my camera, how to use it better and how to improve my photos. I am a keen amateur photographer, but did not have much professional training so far and so it was great to have Rosa by my side for an entire week to instruct me and to learn from her tremendous eye for detail. I had initially signed up for a trip offered on Rosa’s website, but ended up getting a tailor-made, individualized tour with Rosa throughout the South of Morocco. She is extremely knowledgeable about the country and its people and was great in communicating with everyone we met on the tour. Rosa is an extremely pleasant person and she makes sure to fully adapt to the wishes of her customers. I never felt rushed throughout the tour and every day was full of adventure, but relaxing at the same time. I can highly recommend Rosa’s tours and hope to be part of another one in the very near future!

Kathrin, Germany

The 16 day tour was very well planned to maximise photographic opportunities. Rosa’s local knowledge and language skills created opportunities we could never have achieved had we done this on our own. Her passion for the people and the country is clearly evident and a real bonus that a visiting tour leader alone would struggle to match. At the same time she has the understanding of things a visitor to Morocco is likely to appreciate. Overall this is a very unique perspective The variety of subject matter was far greater than we could have anticipated. Expectations were far exceeded and I cannot recommend this more highly.

Richard Faris, Australia

This is another exceptional rating. Rosa Frei”s organization of my trip was everything anyone could ask for. She has an intimate knowledge of where to find outstanding locations for photographing and as I result I have many sensational photographs.
Rosa is a wonderful person to travel with and I rate her 10 out of 10 on all aspects. I can’t imagine of anything better than the 15 days I experienced with Rosa.
If you want a fantastic photographic trip in Morocco Rosa Frei is the one to choose.

Tony Best, Canada

I have recently returned from a most wonderful 16 day tour lead by Rosa Frei and taken with me some awesome memories and photographs, many of which would not have been possible without being with Rosa. She knows people and the best photographic spots and times along the way. Rosa’s tour was exceptionally well organised and comfortable. We ate well and stayed at a variety of interesting accommodation. I fell in love with Morocco, an amazing country full of things to see and photograph. Thank you so much Rosa.  

Robyn Faris, Australia

I had the pleasure of attending a photo tour with Rosa in October. It exceeded my expectations in every way. Excellent accommodation, fabulous locations delivered in a friendly, professional manner. Loved the small group. Morocco is indeed magical, and Rosa’s respect for the people and her local knowledge makes it extra special. I would highly recommend a photo tour with Rosa, her knowledge and passion of photography and Morocco is inspiring.

Carolyn Trenter, Australia

I just returned from one of Rosa’s photography workshop in Morocco with a friend which was supported by her driver Said. We had discovered Rosa’s photos through a web search and they were so great, we took a chance and signed up for her Symphony of Sand and Sea workshop over a year in advance. We were absolutely delighted with the trip and it greatly exceeded any of our expectations. We learned so much photography, and more importantly, about the ways of life in Morocco, both city life and nomad life. Rosa and Said went out of their way to make sure the trip was unique and individually tailored for us. The memories we made on this trip will last a lifetime!  

Martha Bohn, USA

Rosa was a skilled and knowledgeable leader on this memorable photo tour. She brought us to wonderful places for image-creation and provided us with photography guidance, both on site and in short, informative lessons in the evenings that included image reviews. The trip was long enough for us to get a feel for the country as well as to enjoy the specific locations we were in. High points included our time in the Marrakesh Medina, local markets, the alleyways of casbahs, our several days in the dunes in the Sahara, and the port city of Essaouria. Rosa was flexible in responding to our requests for favorite types of experiences, and was throughout a most cordial companion. Our wonderful driver, Said, added the perspective of a native Moroccan, found hidden artisan sites for us,and drove masterfully in some challenging weather and off road conditions. All in all, an unforgettable experience and one I surely recommend!

Katherine Kaufer Christoffel, USA

Hi Rosa, I want to share with you some of the photographs I took on the wonderful Morocco tour we did this past November. It was unforgettable and I am very grateful for your leadership and planning. It was top notch A++.

Armando Picciotto, California, USA

We had a top-notch adventure with Rosa Frei. The photography experience was excellent. We learned many new techniques and approaches which enhanced our own photography background. Rosa finds the best spots at the perfect time for producing fine and unusual images. The tour of Morocco was fascinating as well. Thanks Rosa!

Joan and Martin Kane, New York

I am a keen amateur photographer and I wanted to return to Morocco  but as I really want to take my photography to the next level I knew I would benefit from some hands-on tuition and guidance from someone who knows the country. With this in mind I booked a two-day workshop in Marrakech with Rosa. I only knew what I’d seen on-line but I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. Rosa directed her advice to the areas I was weak in, encouraged me to explore my own creativity, and left me feeling much more confident about my ability. Rosa knows Marrakech well and so we didn’t waste time looking for ‘interesting’ spots. Her attention was focussed on me and she was at hand all the time to offer advice and guidance. If anyone is interested in furthering their photographic knowledge and experience while enjoying an exciting time in Morocco, I can thoroughly recommend Rosa. I am now off outside with my camera!

Pamela Bruce Lockhart, UK

I just returned from a mini break in Marrakech where I had the privilege to enjoy a one day one-to-one photography workshop with Rosa. She’s a great teacher and immediately spotted my weaknesses in photography, which gave to this day an unexpected twist. She was very attentive to my needs and requests and I definitely recommend her workshops, in fact I hope I will be able to join her in one of her photo tours deep in the real heart of Morocco. But on top of that, I was so pleased to have spent a really special day with a person gifted with a unique sensibility which turned this day into a lovely memory to cherish.

Antonia Magri, Belgium

Overall, I feel the amount of yourself that you were willing to share was phenomenal. You gave us interesting and informative composition lessons and were always willing to point us in a photographically interesting direction. I have been on several photographic tours around the globe and on none of them did the leader provide more personal contact and guidance. Thank you for a job well done.

Carl Meisel, New York

I just returned from a photo tour in  Morocco with Rosa Frei. I attended her “A Touch of Sea Breeze” tour that occurred May 12-22, 2016.
I highly recommend Rosa for your photo tour. She has a creative “eye”, able to illuminate details that I otherwise would have overlooked.
Her driver, Habib, is a true gentleman and a conscientious driver. I always felt relaxed on the road with him.
I enjoyed my tour immensely! So much, I will be returning to Morocco for another tour with Rosa in a couple of months. Despite the distance, I live in California, I’m looking forward to another adventure. All of my needs were met. It would be an understatement if  I said that I was merely pleased with my photographs. My family, friends, and colleagues are in awe of Morocco’s beauty that I captured. I relive the joyous moments with Rosa and Habib every time I view my work. This trip exceeded my expectations!

Claudette Devereaux, USA

My photography trip to Morocco with Rosa Frei was everything I wanted it to be. Rosa’s very comprehensive teaching finally made my photography come alive. The scenery, the hotels, the food, and the actual running of the trip were all superb. Thank you Rosa for this great photography experience that has given me so much confidence. Let’s do it all over again….

Simona Doyle, Ireland

Im Dezember 2015 hatte ich das Glück, zwei Tage mit Rosa in Marrakech unterwegs zu sein. Meinem Wunsch entsprechend starteten wir jeden Tag mit 1 – 2 Stunden Instruktion und Foto-Kritik. Im Anschluss waren wir dann am Nachmittag bis in den frühen Abend zu Fuß in Marrakech unterwegs.

Die Themen der Instruktion hatten wir vorab festgelegt. Mich hat Rosas ruhige, freundliche und sehr klare Art begeistert, mit der sie Inhalte vermittelt und meinen kritischen Blick auf eigene und fremde Fotos geschärft hat. Die von ihr eingesetzten Medien waren hochprofessionell und sehr gut verständlich.

Vor unseren Ausflügen in die Souks und natürlich auf den Djema al Fnaa haben wir festgelegt, was ich sehen und welche meiner fotografischen Fähigkeiten ich weiterentwickeln wollte. Vor Ort hat Rosa mich immer wieder auf interessante Motive und Perspektiven hingewiesen und mir bei der Klärung der ‘Fotografierwilligkeit’ von Händlern und Handwerkern geholfen. Ganz hervorragend fand ich auch, dass sie mir während des Fotografierens konkrete Tipps gab, z.B. wenn ich einen zu unruhigen Hintergrund übersehen hatte oder die Schwerpunktsetzung in der Bildkomposition unklar geblieben war.

Ich habe schon einige Fotokurse besucht, dieser ganz individuelle mit Rosa war das Beste, was ich erlebt habe. Wenn ich jetzt meine Bilder betrachte (und natürlich immer noch nachbearbeite), bin ich dankbar und sehr froh, für Rosas ebenso freundliche wie kompetente Unterstützung und dafür, dass es einfach Spaß macht, mit ihr fotografierend unterwegs zu sein.

Dr. Bernd Wanner, Germany

Rosa is a fabulous guide, kind and gentle. The tour was well organized making our first visit to Morocco a wonderful trip. We are particularly impressed by Rosa’s love for the country, her respect for the people and the culture. She shared her knowledge and experience in photography which we appreciate a lot. Her photos are very impressive. Rosa is more a friend than a tour guide. We miss her and definitely will return for another exciting trip in Morocco. Best regards.

Amy and Jack, Hong Kong

Im November 2014 war ich mit Rosa auf der “Sahara Intensiv Tour”. Dabei sind ganz zauberhafte “Sandphotos” entstanden und für Fotografen, die Abstraktionen, Formen und Strukturen lieben, ist die Tour ein absolutes Highlight. Um ein wenig Werbung in eigener Sache zu machen: Eine Auswahl der Photos steht auf meiner Homepage www.geoart.eu. Ich denke das beste was man sagen kann, ist das man gerne wiederkommt; und so würde ich gerne im kommenden Jahr mit auf die “Symphonie of Sand and Sea Tour” gehen.
Uwe Ehlers, Germany

Liebe Rosa, ich denke jetzt noch gerne an die fantastische Tour mit Dir im November 2014! Dein freundliches Wesen und vor allem deine exzellente Organisation in allen Bereichen und das gute Timing für schöne Fotos an der richtigen Stelle haben diese Reise für mich zu eine der schönsten Phototouren gemacht. Wenn es mir möglich ist, würde ich dich gerne bei einer anderen Tour im schönen Marokko begleiten… Bis dahin, viel Erfolg und liebe Grüsse.

Domenico Rossi, Deutschland

We went on a photo tour in Morocco with Rosa in the Fall of 2014.
She took care of everything for our six day trip: booking us in to wonderful places to stay, arranging reservations at restaurants with excellent food and service, solving the inevitable mishaps that occur during travel, and taking us to spots to photograph the unique and varied landscape of the Moroccan desert.
She was reliable, patient and kind and managed to figure out how to accommodate the needs of our small group that ranged from a very accomplished landscape photographer to one of us who was still learning how to use her own camera.
The places she took us to were magical, and she knew when and where to go to capture the light or find the image someone might be looking for in a photograph. The driver Rosa worked with, a Bedouin, and Rosa also enhanced our trip by explaining many aspects of Moroccan life and giving us entree in to places we would never had access to if we were not with them or been allowed to photograph without their connections.
Of the two weeks that my husband, our two friends and I spent together in Morocco, I know we would all agree that the six days we went spent on Rosa’s photography tour were the highlight of our trip.

Debra Weintraub & Jim Krupnick, Oakland, California, USA

Liebe Rosa, wir haben die Fotoreise mit dir sehr genossen, es waren unvergessliche Tage. Mich hat beeindruckt, wie vernetzt du überall warst und dank deiner Kontakte konnten wir von vielen Spezialführungen und Erläuterungen profitieren. Besonders eindrücklich war der Besuch bei der Familie. Diesen Besuch und auch andere touristische Ausflüge haben in mir den Eindruck geweckt, dass du unsere Bedürfnisse sehr ernst genommen hast. Z. B. auch als ich im Dorf in der Nähe von M’hamid einen Stopp machen und dann später auch die Bibliothek ansehen wollte. Vielen Dank, dass du das möglich gemacht hast.
Fotografisch habe ich gut von dir profitieren können: mir ist stark bewusst geworden, dass es um die Schulung des Auges geht. Ich achte jetzt mehr auf Hintergründe, Schattenspiele und Spiegelungen und nehme mir mehr Zeit, das Bild zu arrangieren bevor ich abdrücke. Deine Schulungen am Ende der Tage waren hilfreiche Anstösse mit überzeugenden Beispielen.
Unvergesslich bleibt mir die Art, wie offen und positiv du mit den Menschen, denen wir in den zahlreichen Gelegenheiten begegnet sind, umgegangen bist. Liebe Grüsse und vielen Dank für alles.

Regina und Walter, Schweiz

Rosa, I always remember your warmth and generosity. I had such fond memories of the tour to Morocco with you. I was new to photo tours then. After I have been to a few more now. You are the best photo tour guide/leader/mentor/ I have ever had to this date. I look at some of the photographs I took during the tour I did with you, I know I couldn’t have taken them without your guidance. I hope someday I will join one of your tours again. Thank you Rosa.
Puiming Webber, USA
Liebe Rosa, gerne erinnere ich mich an unsere gemeinsame Reise in die Sahara im Oktober letzten Jahres. Für mich war das nicht nur touristisch, sondern auch fotografisch ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis. Das ist vor allem Dir zu Verdanken. Zum einen hast Du alles so gut vorbereitet und organisiert, dass wir uns voll auf das Erleben und Fotografieren konzentrieren konnten. Zum anderen habe ich den Austausch mit Dir sehr geschätzt. Ich habe dabei viel über Marokko und die Sahara gelernt und auch fotografisch sehr profitiert. Deine bebilderten Lektionen an den Abenden waren immer besonders anschaulich und sind mir dadurch heute noch in lebhafter Erinnerung. Obwohl wir weit herum gekommen sind, enorm viel gesehen und fotografiert haben, war alles völlig entspannt, ganz ohne Hektik und und damit sehr erholsam.
Wolfgang Strassl, Deutschland
Morocco is a wonderful country and traveling and photographing it with you made it even more beautiful! I was really inspired by you and your beautiful photos, I could feel you love and respect the country and its people very much. Before the trip you asked us what we wanted to learn and then prepared some lessons for us or changed the program a little bit to show us what you thought was interesting for us to photograph. That was also the benefit of traveling in a small group. The accommodation and the driver you arranged where perfect and made the trip even more enjoyable. I’m so glad I can still enjoy the wonderful memories and photos of this special photo tour. Thank you very much!!
Kitty de Jong, Netherlands  
I decided on a last minute trip to Morocco and, after looking at several photographers based in the country, I wrote Rosa Frei inquiring if she could put together a 6-7 day trip. She said she had another person looking to do a similar trip around the same time and she came back quickly with a proposal that took into account what I and the other photographer was looking for. While the driving was long due to our tight schedule, we managed to see and photograph amazing parts of the country. After 6 years of traveling around Morocco, Rosa knows great spots for photographying. Additionally, her evening photography discussions are well prepared and these were definitely helpful. I can say with certainty that I took away from the trip not just some good photographs, but new skills and ways of seeing through the camera. Rosa is a great campanion on these long trips and she can share insights about the Moroccan culture, which makes the learning experience greater. I have confidence in recommending her to others seeking a photography trip to Morocco.
Todd Prince, Russia 
We booked Rosa for a days’ photography tuition and guiding tour around Marrakech in September 2013.  Prior to our workshop Rosa took the time to understand our current level of photography skills, in addition to discussing what we wanted to achieve from the day. Rosa met us at our hotel and provided some well thought out tuition prior to heading into Marrakech to take photos. Rosa guided us around the souks of Marrakech, pointing out photo opportunities whilst sharing advice and experiences. We both highly recommend Rosa for guided photography workshops since we enjoyed the day, took some good photos and most importantly received ideas on how to advance our photography in the future.
Many thanks Rosa for the workshop. We wish you all the best for the future.
Jackie & Steve, UK
Dank und mit Rosa durften wir 10 unvergessliche Tage im Marokko verbringen, in denen sie uns wunderschöne Orte zeigte und in das Geheimnis der Fotografie einführte. Sie öffnete uns auf wunderbare Weise unsere Augen auf für schöne, spezielle und unverhoffte (Augen-)Blicke. Nicht nur das; dank ihr durften wir Marokko von einer herzlichen und liebenswürdigen Art kennen und schätzen lernen.
Danke Rosa, wir kommen wieder!!
Thanks to and with Rosa we had the opportunity to spend 10 unforgettable days in Morocco. She showed us beautiful places and introduced into the secrets of photography. She opened our eyes in a wonderful way for beautiful, special and unexpected views. Not only that; thanks to her we explored Morocco in a hearty and amiable way, which we appreciated very much.
Thank you Rosa, we will be back again!!
Eliane and Jan Braun, Schweiz/Switzerland  
I recently  spent a day photographing the lesser tourist areas of Marrakech with Rosa. Because of her photographic knowledge and guidance, I was able to capture some great images of Marrakech and it’s people. I would recommend any photographer visiting Marrakech, spend a day with Rosa.
Keith Symes, Australia 
We have finally come back home after a long month in Morocco and we already want to go back for more. It has been a wonderful, enlightening experience and mostly thanks to your warmth and knowledge of such an interesting culture and country. The itinerary, the hotel choices, the experiences were spot on and exactly what we wanted. You read our minds! As if this alone was not enough, you also gave us great “mini lectures” on exposure, composition, and artistic photography as a whole. It was not only a tour but a learning experience as well!
We really hope to go back soon and we will definitely contact you again. We are sure there is much more to see and do!
Once again thank you and à la prochaine! Or better in spanish: Hasta la próxima!
Viviana Franza & Beto, Argentina 
After we had read a recommendation about your work in a magazine called ‘Columbus’ we were very interested in your photoworkshop. We decided to contact you and after a brief email correspondance (in which you asked us several things, such as what we wanted to learn) we booked a workshop in Ouarzazate.
After arriving in Ouarzazate, Rosa came to our hotel. She gave us a great explanation about different aspects of photography. This was really helpfull. She brought us to several spots and showed us how and where to make the best shots.
Rosa is a caring, well prepared woman, who thought us how to see the complete image before taking a picture. We have always kept in touch and can ask for advice when needed. For example, she helped us organise a trip to Erg chebi and told us how to take the best pictures in the sand dunes.
We would highly recommend this great photographer.
Hans and Ineke van Kempen, Netherlands
I really enjoyed the intensive tour. Rosa is an excellent travel guide and I learned a lot from her well documented and perfectly presented photography lessons. The tour itself was intensive, but perfectly arranged. The hotels and restaurants met my expectations.
Lothar Breitenbach, Italy
I recently traveled to Morocco and was so fortunate to have met Rosa Frei. She is an amazing photographer and a wonderful person. I hired her to take me into the desert and relearn how to use the manual settings on my camera. She chose the most amazing locations and dramatic landscapes for our shoots! Not only did I receive some great instruction on how to use my camera, basic skills and also tips for handling every kind of outdoor scenic and lighting issues, but I received a full tour of south Morocco leaving nothing to be discovered! She was informative of the Camera, landscape, culture and became a wonderful friend! A tour with Photo Emotions is truly a lifetime experience I will never forge-t. Thank you Rosa!
Elizabeth Reece, USA